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Shri Bhandavaji Tirth

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Mulnayak: Nearly 60 cms high, white-coloured, parikarayukta idol of Bhagawan Mahavir Swami in the Padmasana posture.

Tirth: It is outside the village, Nana Bhadavpur.

Historicity: Once upon a time, this was a vast city. This splendid idol which was installed in the Vesana village on the seventh day of the bright half of the month of Magasar in the year 813 of the Vikram era, was reinstalled here in the year 1233 of the vikram era. This idol is very miraculous. It is said that when people in power invaded the village Vesana, Sanghvi Palji, a native of the village took away the idol in a bullock-cart and the bullock-cart stopped at Bhandva. In a dream Sanghvi got a hint to build a temple and install an idol. Accordingly the idol was installed on the auspicious fifth day of the bright half of the month of Magh in the year 1233 of the Vikram era. Even today, this place is regarded as a miraculous place. Thousands of Jains and non-Jains come here to have their wishes fulfilled. A fair is held here every year from the thirteenth day to the fifteenth day of the bright half of the month of Chaitra and on the full-moon day of the month of Kartak.

Other Temples: At present, there is no other temple.

Works of art and Sculpture: The artistic skill of God's idol in this ancient temple of fifty-two idols in a lonely forest, is very attractive.

Guidelines: Zalor, the nearest railway station is 56 kilometers away and Visangadh is 40 kilometers away. Bus service and private vehicles are available. Good boarding and lodging provisions are available.

Trust: Shri Svetamber Mahavir Pedhi, Bhandavpur, Dist : Zalor, State - Rajasthan, India.

Bhagwan Mahavir Swami and Temple


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