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Shri Vahi Tirth

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Mulnayak: Nearly 58 cms. high, black-colored idol of Bhagawan Vahi Parshvanath in the Padmansana posture.
It is in the Vahi village.
This seems to be a very prosperous city of the ancient times. This temple was built by King Samprati. This idol is distinct, ancient and very impressive. In this beautiful temple, there is a cellar, too. Since this tirth is in Vahinagar, the idol is called Vahi Parshvanath. This land is sanctified by foot-steps of many Rev sadhus. Once a pilgrim sees this idol, an earnest spiritual desire to see it again rises in his heart.

Other Temples: There are no other temples here.
Works of art and Sculpture:
The idol looks beautiful with seven hoods in this splendid pinnacled temple. The strange figure of tiger under the idol in a cross-legged posture is astonishing. In the morning the idol of God looks like that of a child. At noon, it looks like that of a youth. In the evening, it looks like that of an old man. Many ancient stories of this fascinating tirth prove its antiquity.

Guidelines: This tirth is at a distance of 5 kilometers from the Pipaliya Mandi station and 16 kilometers from Mandasor. Bus service and private vehicles are available. In the village there are two dharmashalas, a bhojanshala and an upashraya.
Trust: Shri Vahi Parshvanath Svetamber Jain Tirth, Vahi, Dist - Mandasor, State : Madhya Pradesh, India.

Bhagawan Vahi Parshvanath



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