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Shri Purimtal Tirth

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Mulnayak: Nearly 60 cms. high, white - colored idol of Bhagawan Adishvar in Padmasana Posture. (A Svetambar Temple)
Idol of Bhagawan Adishvar in the Padmasan posture. (A Digambar temple)

Tirth: It is in the Allahabad city.

Historicity: The ancient history of this tirth begins from the times of Bhagawan Adinath. in olden times, this tirth was known by the name Prayag. The tree under which Bhagawan attained omniscience is here. It is called ‘Akshray Vatavruksha’. In the Tirthamala of the year 1556 of the Vikram era, there is a mention of wooden sandals of Bhagawan under this tree. But at present the wooden Sandals are not there. The special features of this holy tirth on the confluence of the holy rivers of India namely, the Ganga, the Yamuna and the Saraswati, are beyond description. This is the Holy Land of Bhagawan’s attainment of omniscience of the first samavasarana made by gods headed by Indra and others, of attainment of Matamarudeva’s omniscience, of the first sermons of Bhagawan, of the establishment of the fourfold sangha, of foundation of doctrines of the Jain religion, of origin of rules and restraints, vows and great vows etc. It is here that the Gaumukh Yaksa and goddess Pratichakra (Chakreshvari) become Shsandev and Shasanadevi respectively. This is the land of wanderings of many Tirthnakai. Every particle of this tirth on the confluence of the three rivers, is holy. the Ashram of Bhardavaj Muni and the Lakshagaru built by the architect Maya to kill the Pandavas were here. There is an extraordinary mention of this tirth in the ‘Vividh Tirth Kalpa’ written in the 14th century and many other tirthmalas. This is sacred place of Hindus, too. The Kumbamela is held here once every twelve years. Lakhs of devotees bathe here in the confluence of the rivers and think that they are blessed.

Other Temples: Besides, there is a Panchavati temple of Digembars.

Works of art and Sculpture: Here is a museum run by the municipality. There is in it a beautiful collection of many ancient Jain works of art and idols. it is very spectacular. In the fort here there is a pillar built by King Samprati. On it, there are inscriptions glorifying King Samprati and his career. This temple on the confluence of the three holy rivers, immerges the souls of devotees in the worship of Bhagawan. Words fail to describe this holy tirth which is full of many special features.

Guidelines: The nearest railway station of Allahabad is at a distance of 4 kilometers. For Svetambars and Digambars, good Boarding and lodging provisions are available near the temple.
Trust: Shri Risabhdev Swami Jain Svetambar Mandir, 120, Bai Baug, Opp. Gwalior State Mandir, Allahabad, State : Uttar Pradesh, India.

Bhagawan Parshvanath


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