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Shri Mahimpur Tirth

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Mulnayak: Black - colored idol of Bhagawan Parshvanath in the Padmasana posture.

Tirth: It is in the Mahimapur Village.
Historicity: Among the group of the five temples of West Bengal, this is a chief temple. It is believed that since it was setup in the beginning of the 18th century, the tirth has lived in prosperity. In those days many rich shravakas lived here. In the year 1805 of the Vikram era, Sheth Shri Mahatabraiji was honored with the title of Jagat Sheth. This rich merchant built a splendid temple of stone tested abroad. Since the river there was flooded, the temple was removed elsewhere. His descendents built this new temple in the year 1875 of the Vikram era and got this old idol reinstalled. Jagat Sheth also renovated the tirth of Samet Shikhar. This was highly praised and the Sheth was honored in the royal court from his place. no beggar returned empty - handed.

Other Temples: In Kiranbaug, there is a pinnacled temple of of Shamaliya Parshvanath. The idol of made of tested stone.

Works of art and Sculpture: In the whole of India, this is the only temple containing the idol of Mulnayak made of tested stone. The idol is serene and beautiful. There are also spectacular black idols of Bhagawan Sumatinath and Bhagawan Neminath.
Guidelines: The nearest railway station of Jiyaganj and Mushiradabad are at a distance of 4 Kilometers. Bus service and private vehicles are available. There are best provisions for Boarding and lodging.
Trust: Shri Jagat Sheth Jain Kasoti Mandir, Mahimapur, Dist. : Mushiradbad, State : West Bengal, India.

Shri Parshvanath Bhagwan


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