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Shri Bali Tirth

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Mulnayak: Nearly 78 cms. high, white - colored idol of Bhagawan Manmohan, Parshvanath in the Padmasan posture.

Tirth: It is in the center of the Bali village.

Historicity: This is a very ancient tirth, On the Idol of Mamohan Parshwanth, there is an inscription of the year 1161 of the Vikram era. This idol appeared from the lake of the Sola village. The idol of God is known to be very miraculous. It is said that in a dream of Gemaji Shravak, the presiding deity inspired him to do digging work In the lake at a particular place and accordingly the idol appeared. It was seated in a bullock - cart. Since the cart stopped at the Bali Village, this temple was installed there.

Other Temples: There are other temples, too.The golden idol of the red - colored Mahavir is very spectacular.

Works of art and Sculpture: Godís idol is very serene and awe - inspiring. the parikarayukta idol under a thousand hoods is very spectacular.

The nearest railway station of Flana, is 7 Kilometers away. Bus Service and Vehicles are available. There are boarding and lodging provisions.

Trust: Shri Manmohan Parshvanath Pedhi, Bali. : 306701, Dist. : Pali, State : Rajasthan, India.


Bali Temple


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