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Shri Achalagadh Tirth

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Mulnayak: Nearly 105 cms. high, golden - colored metal idolof Bhagawan Adishvar in the Padmasana posture.

Tirth: It is the Fort on the highest summit of the Arvalli hills.

Historicity: This is an ancient temple of Bhagawan Shantinath built by King Kumarpal. On the summit of a hill, there is a temple of Bhagawan Adishvar. On the tenth day of the bright half of the month of Fagan in the year 1566 of the Vikram era, the large metal idol of Bhagawan Adinath was installed here under the auspices of Jaykalyansuriji. This is the land of nirvana of the great ascetic Mahatama Vijayshantisurishvarji. He practised here great penance and inspired many kings to abstrain from taking flesh and wine and from hunting. A large - size photograph of Vijayshantisurishvarji is kept at the place of his nirvana.

Other Temples: At present, there are also temples of Bhagawan Shantinath, Bhagawan Kunthunath, and Bhagawan Adinath. They are very ancient and wonderful. The caves of Gopichand and Bhartuhari, the Bhrugu Ashram, the Mandakini kund and the Tirthvijay Ashram are delightful.

Works of art and Sculpture: The scene of the summits of the temples on the hill stir up the heart. The heart is filled with joy of God’s worship. The atmosphere is calm and inducive to meditation. Though the metal idol of Mulnayak meditation. Though the metal idol of Mulanayak and the other three idols belong to different times, all the idols share great similarity. Such expressive metal idols are rarely seen. The brass idol of Bhagawan Kunuthnath is really spectacular.

Guidelines: The nearest railway station of Abu Road is at a distance of 37 kilometers. One can go to this tirth via Mt. Abu and Delwada. There are many buses and private vehicles coming to this tirth. This tirth is at a distance of 6 kilometers from Mt. Abu and 4 kilometers from Delwada. There is an ascending road of 400 meters from Achalagadh to the temple. Swinging cots are available for the old and the involid. boarding and lodging provisions are available. There is an upashray for reverend Sadhus and Sadhvis.

Trust: Sheth Shri Achalasiji Amarsiji Jain Svetambar Pedhi, Achalgadh, Dist : Shirohi, State : Rajasthan, India.

Bhagawan Adishvar


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