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Shri Rajgruhi Tirth

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Mulnayak: Nearly 45 cms high black-colored idol of Bhagawan Munisuvrat Swami in the Padmsana posture in the Svetambar temple (Vipulachal Hill).

Tirth: The group tirth on the five hills near the Rajgiri village.

Historicity: This tirth belongs to the times of Bhagawan Munisuvrat Swami, the twentieth Tirthakara. This is the Holy Land of four Kalyanakas (events of a Tirthankara’s life which are beneficent to the world) of Munisuvrat Swami namely, chyavan, birth, diksa and attainment of omniscience. This is the place of the first breakfast (parna) following the severe penance of Vasupujyaswami, the twelfth Tirthankara. Mahavir Swami, the last Tirthankara, wandered about on the hills of this ancient tirth during his fourteen monsoon sojourns. The eleven gandharas, Laddhinidhan, Gautam Swami, and others attained here the final liberation. This was the capital of Maharaja Shrenik; the Shravak most devoted to Mahavir. In ancient times, the city was known by the names-charankapur, Rusabhpur, Girivraj, Kushagrapur, Vasumati, Panchashail etc. Bhagawan Mahavir wandered about on this hill many times during the times of King Shrenik and King Ajatashatr. The grandeur of this tirth is sung with praise in many tirthmalas. In svetambar and Digambar literature, there are many references to this great tirth. This was the special place of Bhagawan Buddha. The first conference of Buddhist sadhus met here. After attaining omniscience, Bhagawan Mahavir gave his first sermons here. Details of the five hills of this group tirth of Rajgruhi are as under: -

The Ratnagiri Hill : On the way to this hill, there is a dangerous narrow arm of the sea going into the land. There is a separate road for descending. In it there are 1277 steps On this hill, there are foot-idols of Neminath, Parshvanath AbhinandanSwami, Chandraprabha and Shantinath. The Udaygiri Hill :- For climbing this hill, there are 782 steps. On this hill, there is a temple of Bhagawan Samvaliya Parshvanath. At the foot of the hill, there is a Bhatighar, the center for giving food to the pilgrims for use on the journey.

The Svarnagiri Hill : There are 1064 steps on this hill. There are foot idols of Bhagawan Adishvar and Bhagawan Mahavir.

The Vibhavgiri Hill : There are 531 steps on this hill. There are five temples in which there are idols and foot-idols of Mahavir Swami, Munisuvrat Swami, Dhanna Shalibhadra, Gautam Swami and others. The ruins of ancient temples and the ancient caves on this hill are worth seeing.

This city is also a tirth of many religious besides the Jain religion. The healthy climate of this place is world famous. The streams of warm water here are very good for health. This land is full of much grandeur, full of many ancient remains and sanctified by footsteps of infinite siddhas and Tirthankaras. Every particle of this Holy Land is very great and holy. This sacred place should be pilgrimaged at least once in life.

Other Temples: At the foot of the hill in the Rajgiri village, there are Svetambar and Digambar temples. Besides a Burmese Buddhist temple and a Japanese Buddhist temple are there. There are also many temples on the five hills and they are described in history.

Works of art and Sculpture: The ancient idols in the Svetambar and Digambar temples at the foot of the hills are artistic and sighty. The idols in broken temples on the Vaibhavgiri hill are very splendid and delightful to see. At present, they are not worshipped and they are under jurisdiction of the archeological department. This temple is believed to belong to the eighth century. The hot water stepped wells (kunds) here are very old. The temples and caves on all the five hills are worth seeing. It is desirable journey in a group on this hill. In the journey children and women should be kept close by. It is proper to take guides for protection.

Guidelines: The nearest railway station of Rajgiri is at a distance of two kilometers from the temple. Bus service and private vehicles are available. Boarding and lodging provisions are there. A splendid and artistic temple based on ancient sculpture was recently built. The idol was installed in it under the auspices of Acharya Kailas Sagarsurishvarji in the year 2017 of the vikram era. There is a very lovely garden all around the temple. Besides, there are jnanabhandars and center for instructions has been established. The world peace step built by Japan and ropeway are chief centers of attraction.
Trust: The Svetambar Bandar Tirth, Rajgiri - 803116,
Dist : Nalanda, State - Bihar, India.

Bhagawan Parshvanath


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