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Tirths in Gujarat



Aaglod Shri Aaglod Tirth
Ahmedabad Shri Naroda Tirth
Shri Hathising's Dera Tirth
Shri Fatasapole Mahavir Tirth
Shri Gheekanta Shankeshwar Tirth
Ajahara Shri Ajahara Tirth
Bharuch Shri Bharuch Tirth
Bhadreshvar Shri Bhadreshvar Tirth
Bhavnagar Shri Bhavnagar Tirth
Bhiladiyaji Shri Bhiladiyaji Tirth
Bhorol Shri Bhorol Tirth
Bhoyani Shri Bhoyani Tirth
Bhujpur Shri Bhujpur Tirth
Bidada Shri Bidada Tirth
Bodeli Shri Bodeli Tirth
Chanasma Shri Chanasma Tirth
Charup Shri Charup Tirth
Chhani Shri Chhani Tirth
Datha Shri Datha Tirth
Darbhavati Shri Darbhavati Tirth
Deesa Shri Deesa Tirth
Delvada Shri Delvada Tirth
Dholka Shri Kalikund Tirth
Div Shri Div Tirth
Doliya Shri Doliya Tirth
Gambhu Shri Gambhu Tirth
Gandhar Shri Gandhar Tirth
Gogha Shri Gogha Tirth
Halar Shri Halar Tirth
Hastagiri Shri Hastagiri Tirth
Idar Shri Idar Tirth
Jakhou Shri Jakhou Tirth
Jamanpur Shri Jamanpur Tirth
Kadambagiri Shri Kadambagiri Tirth
Kamboi Shri Kamboi Tirth
Kavi Shri Kavi Tirth
Khambhat Shri Khambhat Tirth
Kheda Shri Kheda Tirth
Khedbrahma Shri Khedbrahma Tirth
Khima Shri Khima Tirth
Kirtidham Shri Kirtidham Tirth
Koba Shri Koba Tirth
Kothara Shri Kothara Tirth
Kumbhariyaji Shri Kumbhariyaji Tirth
Layja Shri Layaja Tirth
Mahudi Shri Mahudi Tirth
Mahuva Shri Mahuva Tirth
Mandvi Shri Mandvi Tirth
Matar Shri Matar Tirth
Mehsana Shri Mehsana Tirth
Metrana Shri Metrana Tirth
Modasar Shri Modasar Tirth
Modhera Shri Modhera Tirth
Mota Posina Shri Mota Posina Tirth
Moti Khakhar Shri Moti Khakhar Tirth
Naliya Shri Naliya Tirth
Nana Posina Shri Nana Posina Tirth
Nandasan Shri Nandasan Tirth
Nani Khakhar Shri Nani Khakhar Tirth
Palitana Shri Palitana Tirth
Pansar Shri Pansar Tirth
Paroli Shri Paroli Tirth
Patan Shri Patan Tirth
Pavagadh Shri Pavagadh Tirth
Prabhaspatan Shri Prabhaspatan Tirth
Palanpur Shri Palanpur Tirth
Ratanpur Shri Ratanpur Tirth
Runi Shri Runi Tirth
Savatthi Shri Savatthi Tirth
Shankheshwar Shri Agam Mandir Tirth
Shri Bhaktivihar Tirth
Shri Shankheshwar Tirth
Shri Shankheshwar Padmavati Tirth
Sherisa Shri Sherisa Tirth
Shetrunjaya Dem Shri Shetrunjaya Dem Tirth
Shiyani Shri Shiyani Tirth
Suthari Shri Suthari Tirth
Talaja Shri Talaja Tirth
Taranga Shri Taranga Tirth
Tera Shri Tera Tirth
Tintoi Shri Tintoi Tirth
Tharad Shri Tharad Tirth
Una Shri Una Tirth
Upariyala Shri Upariyala Tirth
Vadali Shri Vadali Tirth
Vaktapur Shri Vaktapur Tirth
Valam Shri Valam Tirth
Vallabhipur Shri Vallabhipur Tirth
Vamaj Shri Vamaj Tirth
Vav Shri Vav Tirth
Vijapur Shri Vijapur Tirth
Zaghadiya Shri Zaghadiya Tirth

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